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      ... you can provide enough proof to certify the authentication is invalid and something from the original manufacturer to...originality, not for a imitate product. We now not only have a reject pursuit from our customer but also lost the confidence from...

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      ... use cookies to assist us in user authentication and in saving configuration information. Cookies... or control panels that automatically reject cookies. 關掉所有會自動拒絕cookies的...

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      看完上篇文章後, 您的問題出現在最後的段落: 1). 它要您檢查您電腦上的時間是否正確, 因為cookie對時間是相當的敏感的, 而且在當您電腦上所顯示的日期和現實日期相差很多時, cookie可能無法作動; 2). 再者, 您的瀏覽器在設定上亦需要重新審查, 以檢查瀏覽器是否可在登入時接受cookie 3).將...