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  1. authoritarianism

    • IPA[ɔːˌθɒrɪˈteərɪənɪzəm]



    • n.
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    • 可以請厲害的大大幫我翻看看嗎?

      Authoritarianism as a characteristic of actual modern political regimes is frequently tied to religious fundamentalism, and... and Romania, are sometimes considered to be vulnerable to a resurgence of populist authoritarianism partly because the older population seek comfort from the stresses of capitalist development in the authoritarianism...

    • 15個字以上的英文單字 [15以上25以下的]

      ...accommodationism 遷就主義 antiauthoritarism 反獨裁主義 antichristianism 反對基督、基督教之主義 authoritarianism 獨裁主義 chauvinistically (大國)沙文主義地 Congregationalism (基督教...