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  1. authority figure

    • n.
      a person who has or represents authority
    • noun: authority figure, plural noun: authority figures

    • 釋義


    • 1. a person who has or represents authority these techniques can help parents re-establish their role as authority figures
  2. 知識+

    • 請問英文翻譯 what are you.. 對話

      ...放棄(洩氣) B: Books are better when they're not some authority figure's idea. 當人們沒有針對權威人物有某種想法時,書本是好(這句話我再想...

    • 這一句英文是什麼意思阿?拜託告訴我

      只要這個遊戲情況相對地公平或相等地進行, 這樣的參與就不會威脅到成人作為監督者的權威地位 (希望這樣有幫到你,如果有上下文可能可以翻得更精準些, 因為我不是很清楚這裡的play是指什麼)

    • (急)英文好的幫忙一下 viewed as a forbidden adult behavior, or even an act of defiance to authority figures. Having poor grades in school and having parents who...