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  1. autonomy

    • IPA[ôˈtänəmē]


    • n.
      the right or condition of self-government;a self-governing country or region
    • noun: autonomy, plural noun: autonomies

    • 釋義


    • 1. the right or condition of self-government Tatarstan demanded greater autonomy within the Russian Federation
    • a self-governing country or region the national autonomies of the Russian Republic
    • freedom from external control or influence; independence economic autonomy is still a long way off for many women
    • 2. (in Kantian moral philosophy) the capacity of an agent to act in accordance with objective morality rather than under the influence of desires.
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    • IPA[ɔːˈtɒnəmi]


    • n.
      the right or condition of self-government: between the First and Second World Wars, Canada gained greater autonomy from Britain

    Oxford Dictionary

  2. 知識+

    • autonomy是指什麼?

      autonomy (n.): 1. 自治、自治權 (right of self-government) 2. 自治團體、有自主權的國家 (self-governing community (contury)) 3. 自主性、自由意志 (freedom of the will)

    • {私法自治}的英文如何翻譯????

      私法自治 private law autonomy 或 (the) autonomy of private law private = 私自 law = 法律 autonomy = 自治

    • 關於英語教學組的問題

      ...intrinsic motivation-內在刺激 ; 本身的動力 5.strategic investment-戰略性投資 ; 投資策略 6.autonomy-自治權 ; 自主權 因為沒有上下文,不知道能不能符合原本文章的意思