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  1. auxiliary verb


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    • 英文 文法(15點)

      Auxiliary verb (grammar) is a verb such as be, do(Do)(does for...road.(affirmative imperative emotion) Need also used as an auxiliary verb follow by infinitive with to:-eg:- He doesn't need to go.

    • be動詞這個用法到底怎麼用阿?

      我想你對助動詞(auxiliary verb)和 情態(助)動詞(modal verb)的用法不熟悉 你這三個句子都...過去式) 動詞的詞態,隨主詞和時間做變化 have也可以是助動詞(auxiliary verb),如完成式(have + PP) I have seen that movie...

    • 什麼是helping verb???

      助動詞 (helping verbs or auxiliary verbs) -- 如 will, shall, may, might, can, could, must, ought to, should, would, used to...