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  1. awaken to

    • ph.
      使意識到, 使了解
    • 釋義


    • 1. 使意識到, 使了解 We must awaken the people to the dangers facing our country. 我們必須使人民了解國家所面臨的各種危險。
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    • 英文 awoke awaken?

      awaken----awakened----awakened解釋1.:› to stop sleeping, or to cause someone to stop sleeping...例: She awoke me at seven.• 解釋2. to become familiar with something or to make someone familiar with something...

    • 我英文很差,請幫我中翻英.

      ...對於遲來的醒悟及對過去的抱歉,願妳能釋懷! Towards late comes awaken to and to past excuse me, Can will hope ni gets over an emotion...

    • 急))聖誕夜怪談,中文翻譯英文...10點

      ... funeral only seeing his death as good riddance. When he awakens to the real life, he realizes his mistakes and immediately ...