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  1. away with the fairies

    • ph.
      giving the impression of being mad, distracted, or in a dreamworld
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    • 為何英文歌詞翻譯都跟字面不一樣

      ...變的很怪 所以字面會不一樣 還有,有些英文沒辦法直接翻中文的 E.g Away with the fairies 中文直接翻是"隨著小精靈走了" 不過真正的意思: "在做白日夢"...

    • 求史瑞克Fairy Godmother 中譯

      ..., tooth decay.. celulite thighs will fade away A hool and a hey! Have a Bichon...比熊犬 Nip and tuck here and there, to land that prince with the perfect hair. Lipstick liners, shadow blush...

    • 麻煩幫我修改英文作文

      ...** that rain takes away my bad luck at the same time. So sometimes when...but couldn't. The cloud fairies answered --- as they...fairies sympathized with the human, they cried...