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  1. awful

    • IPA[ˈôfəl]


    • adj.
      very bad or unpleasant;extremely shocking; horrific
    • adv.
      awfully; very
    • 釋義
    • 片語
    • adj.
    • 1. very bad or unpleasant:

      the place smelled awful

      I look awful in a swimsuit

    • 2. extremely shocking; horrific:

      awful, bloody images

    • 3. (of a person) very unwell, troubled, or unhappy:

      I felt awful for being so angry with him

      you look awful—you should go and lie down

    • 4. used to emphasize the extent of something, especially something unpleasant or negative:

      I've made an awful fool of myself

    • 5. inspiring reverential wonder or fear.
    • adv.
    • 1. awfully; very:

      we're an awful long way from the main road

  2. 知識+

    • awful 當副詞時,如何與awfully區別呢?

      其實 awful 可以是形容詞, 也可以是副詞, 所以你的句子中, 是副詞用法...就字典上來說, 兩個副詞 - awful, awfully 好像沒有使用上的區別, 見以下awful 圖片參考:

    • awful 是什麼意思啊?這個英文字最近常看到!

      您查詢的單字:awful aw.ful [次常用字] <<形容詞>> (more awful; most...嚇人的, 厲害的 an awful typhoon 可怕的颱風 2 非常的, 極度的, 嚴重的 an awful miser 非常吝嗇 an awful cold 重感冒 3 嚴肅的, 令人畏懼的 <...

    • awful pit in my stomach的意思

      I have this awful pit in my stomach 劍拔弩 張 [ 無法忍受........之..... ] Ex... tense as such. . They got the feel of having this awful pit in their own stomach. . 兩 黨雙方在立法院 ,對一些重要問題 當下爭論...