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    • 請問 And so it would go 在這邊是什麼意思

      so = in this manner it = our communication/conversation And so it would go. = Our conversation would proceed in this manner. 隨後,我們的對話就會像剛剛這樣。 (怎樣?老爹繼續對我的作文一樣一樣挑毛病。)

    • 有句英文口語該怎麼翻譯?

      ...the Breeze ! 兩種解釋: 1. 毫無顧忌地胡說、瞎扯。 to drivel; to babble; to talk (or speak) nonsense 2. 誇張、誇大的言行。 to exaggerate; to put it on; to stretch the truth 【英文內容】 If people constantly stop in to shoot the...

    • 誰幫我翻自我介紹~謝謝(急需)

      ...happy life.My interests are to surf on Internet, to play basketball(假設妳打籃球), to chat... dislike mostly is my parents' babbling. It's all my self-introduction. Thank...