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  1. baby farm


    • ph.【口】
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    • 急急急,關於英文的主詞和動詞 part5

      [Baby cats][ are called] kittens. S V [They] [love] playing on the farm. S v At night [the farmer] [gives] them cow'...

    • 英文填空,15題

      ...farms do not use chemicals. _______ (Organic Farms) 11.This sporting event is held...four years. _______ (Olympics) 12.A baby goose is called a _______. (gosling) 13....

    • 請幫我翻譯4題..謝謝

      ...介意喔 1.Our family drove to my aunt's farm in our pickup truck. 我們的家人開著我們的輕型貨車... that Aunt Ella had some baby pigs and a newborn lamb. 媽媽說Ella伯母有一些...