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  1. baby walker


    • n.
      a wheeled frame in which a baby is suspended in a harness and can move itself about a room with its feet.
    • noun: baby walker, plural noun: baby walkers

  2. 知識+

    • 英文~學步車配色 ~英文怎麼講?

      學步車就是:a baby walker配色:color matching學步車的配色:the color matching of the baby walkers

    • 嬰兒學步車的英文

      walkerbaby walker 皆可 n.[C] 1. 步行者;散步者 2. (幫助小孩學走路用的)學步車;助步車

    • 英文時態前後呼應

      ...this dog. 所以I didn't tell Walker that I had a baby.我沒有告訴Walker我懷孕了(兩件事都己成過去了,即我的嬰兒己經生了) I had...