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  1. back and forth


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    • 釋義


    • 1. 來來回回地 The wind moved the trees gently back and forth. 風吹來,樹來回輕擺。
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    • 請問何者正確 going back and between

      going back and forth between him and me 正確。 between 是介係詞,後面接受詞,所以後面...人都是受格,不受 and 的影響。 及物動詞後面的受詞也一樣,兩個人也不受 and 的影響: Jennifer invited him and me to her...

    • 這篇的英文翻譯 還有(forth lives on)意思

      ... I would like tosay the love . and the fan ship, . and the love back and forth lives on. 珍視愛惜, 獨垂心盼 ,白世永生 . So Joyce, this...

    • 幫我英翻中吧

      Back and forth: 來來回回的,反覆的 Faster and Faster: 越來越快(再快一點,再...