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  1. back away from

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    • 1. 因害怕或厭惡而後退 The child backed away from the big dog. 那個孩子看見大狗就向後退了。
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    • If a man backs away from fight some circumstances, you have to fight back to gain respect from others. If you have to do so, fight fair... inevitable. Doing nothing or running away is coward. Fighting ferociously without ...

    • back off 是什意思?? (專家請進)

      back off (from someone or something) /back away (from someone or something) 1. to move backwards... board of directors began to back away from the idea of taking over the rival company. e...

    • 英文達人請解答 (感謝)

      Back off from = back away from (因恐懼或厭惡)退後; 倒退 You should back away/off from that gangster...