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  1. back-formation


    • n.
      a word that is formed from an existing word which looks as though it is a derivative, typically by removal of a suffix (e.g. edit from editor).;the linguistic process by which back-formations develop.
    • noun: back-formation, plural noun: back-formations

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    • IPA[ˈˌbæk ˌfɔrˈmeɪʃən]


    • n.
      a word that is formed from an already existing word from which it appears to be a derivative, ...

    Oxford American Dictionary

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      Back formation是構詞學裡面造字原則的其中一種。 把原本的字的一部分,重新...用法,而kodus就成了複數的用法。 雖說凡有文法必有例外,back formation的造字原則,會自動補入一些文法系統上的漏洞,把例外漸漸地轉成...

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