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    back off

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    • piggy back off

      ...您好。 我想這句的癥結應該是在piggyback 和 off 這兩個部份。 如果將 piggyback 寫做 piggy-back 或 piggy back 應該只是看得懂而已,至少..., you might want to think about piggy back this off some customer visits. 的翻譯可以是...

    • back off 是什意思?? (專家請進)

      back off (from someone or something) /back away (from someone or something) 1. to move ...後退 e.g.1.You should back away from the fire. e.g.2.Please back off from the man who is threatening you. 2. to begin to appear uninterested...

    • 英文達人請解答 (感謝)

      Back off from = back away from (因恐懼或厭惡)退後; 倒退 You should back away/off from...