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  1. back passage


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    • 一句中文句子翻成英文

      ...quot;走回過去的時光走廊,我找回那塊遺失已久的拼圖" Walking back on the passage of time, I recovered that long lost piece of puzzle. 2012-03-05 23...

    • 英文翻成中文~~拜託了!!

      ...’s position on the right side will aid peristaltic passage of tube tip/bolus into intestine . advancement of several inches...manually . assuring tube has not curled in back of patients throat. 如需通往十二指腸或空腸,用...

    • 幫忙翻一下吧!!(請不要用翻譯軟體喔!!一樣贈20點)

      ... move forward in the present, they go successively further back in time. This first episode reveals only...’ arrival at Thebes. The choral passage that follows the first episode reflects...