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      ...羅倫斯),我住在倫敦而且我在英國航空公司工作。 我在雅虎網址上看到你所要拍賣的I POD我非常的有興趣。 我會支付一萬九千九百五十元其中包含運費...

    • 請有心人幫忙幫我翻譯下面此段話~~~謝謝

      ...補充: It's a used phone(I've used it for 1 or 2 months).There's no need to pay it for NTD15950,just for NTD8000.If you still have interest in it,you can send email to me...

    • 請幫我翻譯.....thank

      ... TRANSFER wish was safe and fast way to send Money to oversea and I will need you to reply me asap..Thanks....nice to hear back from you. Here is my email: ( dr.lawrence...