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    • 英文翻譯!!!!超急 20點

      ...在悲痛中卻日漸覺得愈來愈孤立。Looking back, I realize that strangely, I had...很大)。With their help, I broke tasks into smaller steps. 有他們的幫助...

    • 關於If I can..這首詩的涵義

      ... time doing nothing at all. 4. She lists simple task such as putting a robin back into her nest to show how easy for human beings to lead a meaningful life...

    • 看著邊~~急~來自Business文章,英翻中分段發問(一)

      ...要求,新力不會是他們想要的歸屬。 Breaking the silos is probably the hardest task Stringer faces... as wily as they come. Back in 2002, Idei and other senior...