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    • 後援,備份
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    • 請問backup的過去式為何?

      Well, you have to separate BACK and UP past tense: backed up past participle: backed up Ex 1: The photos were backed up with acrylic frame so that they could not be bent. Ex 2: Your statement will be...

    • 幾句小英文問問

      Backup files list sort order by date 備份檔依日期先後次序排序 ====== It's lossing AD system file in the backup files list 備份檔裡少了AD system file ====== i know it is...

    • 英文高手~幫忙以下字詞發音(電腦專有名詞)

      ...照字母念 terminal => 特兒 咪ㄋㄡ (特兒連音) cookie => 酷ㄎㄧ backup => 背克奧ㄆ (ㄆ輕音) software => 搜ㄈㄊ烏兒 (ㄈ.ㄊ要輕音)(烏兒連音...