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    • background的名詞複數
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    • 何謂background paper?勿用翻譯軟體~不給分

      background (study) paper 或 background information: 研究背景 background / literature review / thesis statement 研究背景 / 文獻探討 / 本文論點 methods / findings / discussion 研究方法 / 研究發現 / 分析討問 restate the thesis statement / rephrase 重述本文論點 / 釋義

    • My Background可以幫我修改嗎?

      ...背景如下,如有違逆 皇上旨意,請 皇上務必從輕發落,饒臣一命。 My Background My name is Hsu-Hui-Min. I was born...

    • 如何用英文敘述power-point中的背景? (15點)

      Background The target of background to communicate is look morebeautiful and makes...wouldlike to tell you how to do a good power point. Ø       Choose a background you likeØ       Background should use simple designsØ...