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    • joint is what?

      ...娛樂場所;小酒館;賭窟 【俚】大麻煙 Take a seat, have a cigarette or a joint and I will be back in three minutes. 請坐,抽根香煙或大麻煙,我三分鐘內就回來。 vt...

    • 關於按摩的英文問題?

      ... head pressure 2. Refers presses 3. Steps on back 4. Joint 5. 筋脈 6. Osaka muscle 7. Acupuncture point 8. Urinary...

    • seconded是表示已完成還是被動的概念

      ... last 60 of its staff seconded to joint venture TNK-BP are being ...corporate raid by its Russian partners backed by Russian regulatory authorities, a strategy...