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    • 英文功課!幫解答

      ... reason? It's a mirror reflection of a foreground突出 shadow. 原因就是... the identical shadows on each side of table. 注意!桌腳兩邊...了一面鏡子,魔術師就躲在後面 Bad acting by a confederate 這個同夥...

    • 中文翻英文~請各位大大訂正~~謝謝喔!!

      ...can help me to find the shortcomings of my pronunciation precisely. On the contrary, it is not accurate to judge what I said is good or bad if I use my own ears. I think I should examine ...

    • 英文迷信~急~今天就要!!

      ... souls. Damaging the reflection amounted to damaging the...south-running river to wash away the bad luck. Looking for a the soul will not be hindered on its way to heaven.