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    • 1. 缺少 The school is really quite badly off for books. 這個學校的確非常缺少圖書。
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    • 造句?ㄧㄥ文?幫幫幫幫

      ... reporter must be aware of current events. 11. He is badly off now. 12. The job was very becoming for him. 13. He was bent on becoming a doctor...

    • 不知該如何寫!造句!?ㄧㄥ文

      ... not aware of having done wrong. 11. He was badly off when he was a kid. 12. That hat is very becoming for you. 13. Jim seems bent on becoming a musician...

    • 一段外國網友的話...不是很了解

      ...39; Brutality!!! 說: which could mean that im off work for 6 weeks...意思說我可能六個星期不能上班...!!! 說: no......i have hurt my back really badly..不是, 我把我的背傷的很嚴重 YU x {...