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  1. badly off

    • ph.
      in an unfavorable situation; at a disadvantage
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    • ph.
      at a disadvantage, especially by being poor

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 這句是不是少一個主詞???? : 富裕的 (比較級是better-off) badly off : 境況不佳的, 處境糟糕的; 窮困的;

    • 英文文法 (副詞的問題)

      1. to be well off = to be rich to be badly off = to be poor well和badly都是副詞,用來修飾形容詞off,副詞可以再接受副詞的修飾...

    • 英文短句翻譯...請高手幫忙

      ... age. 在你這個年紀應該要知道更多的。 4. They are rather badly off owing to the high cost of living. 他們對於如此之高的生活開銷...