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  1. baggage room


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    • 英式英文與美式英文的單字

      ...說baggage reclaim,都是baggage.隨身行李英文可以說personal baggage(luggage),行李寄放處是baggage(luggage)room,托運行李是to check the baggage(luggage)或to have one\'s baggage(luggage)...

    • 我要找關於旅行的英文單字或片語~急需

      ... you have a timetable? 行李託運處在哪裡? Where is the baggage check room? 這個位子有人嗎? Is this seat occupied? 請給我一張本地地圖...

    • American British 翻譯 20點 馬上要 room : sitting room2.can opener : tin opener3.motorcycle : motorbike4.license plate : number plate5.intersection : junction6.baggage cart : luggage van (應該沒有t吧)7.bookstore : bookshop8.newsstand : the newsagent's (newspaper...