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    ball and chain

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    • 類似英文的成語

      ...36.back on track重上軌道(改過自新) 37.backfire逆火(弄巧成拙,適得其反) 38.ball and chain 鐵球鐵鏈,甜蜜的枷(老婆) 39.beat a dead horse 鞭打死馬令其賓士(徒勞...

    • 中文翻英文

      ...and run passes with the directly free ball, is corner-kick ,etc., need the playing and passing of the range , and that of his forges the physical power of the chain all the year round, all these are unique...

    • 急~~~~拜託!!幫我看看英文版有沒有文法錯~~~20點

      ...unforeseeing effects which will lead to more chain reactions unexpectly! All... will be like rolling a snow ball, eventually causing destruction we can’t save. And forever competing with the past...