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  1. ballet shoes

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    • 請幫我將中文翻譯成英文 謝謝 -麻煩英文高手

      .... I in the network auction, have also purchased pair of ballet dance shoes, when I receive the dance shoes that moment I really good ...

    • 跟舞蹈相關的英文

      ..., rotation, back, jumping, twisting hip,ballet clothing, ballet shoes 下面是一些舞步翻譯,希望對你有幫助...

    • 情侶鞋的英文

      ...platform shoe (女式)船形高跟鞋 court shoe 高跟鞋 high heels 芭蕾舞鞋 ballet shoes 情侶鞋 sweethearts; lovers; lovebirds+shoes