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  1. bamboozle

    • IPA[bamˈbo͞oz(ə)l]


    • v.
      fool or cheat (someone);confound or perplex
    • verb: bamboozle, 3rd person present: bamboozles, gerund or present participle: bamboozling, past tense: bamboozled, past participle: bamboozled

    • 釋義


    • 1. informal fool or cheat (someone) Tom Sawyer bamboozled the neighborhood boys into doing it for him
    • informal confound or perplex bamboozled by the number of savings plans being offered
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    • IPA[bamˈbuːzl]


    • v.
      cheat or fool: he bamboozled Canada's largest banks in a massive counterfeit scam

    Oxford Dictionary