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    • 單字 BANG 是啥意思 ?!

      ...]猛擊;猛撞The falling coconut gave him a terrific bang on the head.那只掉下的椰子砰地擊中他的腦袋。砰砰的聲音The bottle ...

    • 劉海的英文怎麼說&手提跟桌上型電腦

      劉海 = Bang 一般去美容院 跟他說 "I want some bang on the forehead" 就可以了手提型電腦 = Laptop (正式的說法) or ...

    • 英文句子翻譯求助

      ...primarily by the British. To "cosh" someone means to bang them on the head, resulting in the person being sedated or knocked...