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  1. bank bill

    • n.
      a bill of exchange drawn by one bank on another.;another term for banknote
    • noun: bank bill, plural noun: bank bills

  2. 知識+

    • 請幫忙翻譯~有關訂單請告知正確的BILL TO地址~贈20點

      ... you accept it,we will make a description of our bank information on the performa invoice as the reference material.如有....Would you please let us know the correct bill and ship address about the new orders of BL...

    • 請問銀行水單英文如何寫

      ...的話 : When you exchange foreign currencies with a banks, the bank will issue a bill of exchange for you as a confirmation(receipt). There will be exchange date, exchange...

    • 求助~英文翻譯(關於商業英文)

      ...付款並將提單提交給在倫敦與買方銀行搭檔的銀行。 The London bank accepts a bill of exchange for the same amount. It will then send the bill of lading and...