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  1. bank on


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    • 1. 指望;依賴;利用(某事物)發財 The discount we offered is for a short period only. You'd better bank on it while you can. 我們提供的折扣是短期的。你最好在可以的時候利用它發財。 I'm banking on your help. 我指望你的幫助。
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    • the meaninf of bank ?

      You can bank on it. 你可以指望它。 你可以依靠它。 bank on 指望 I...count on him to help. 你可以指望他幫忙。 I'm banking on your help. 我指望你的幫助。 所以 理論上是可以 bank...

    • ”請問 -bank on prices- 是什麼意思? ”

      bank on prices 依價格而走。 bank on = rely on;depend on

    • 請問英文bank的意思

      ...jeweler, wholes stock rose 43% this year through Oct. 10, is banking on strong sales in December -- typically the best month for engagement...