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    • 鈔票
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    • 紙鈔英文的怎麼說

      紙鈔的英文本身是 banknote 或是 paper banknote 而你所說的那薄膜 應該在此可簡單地稱為coating 而...外國人拒絕說舊的鈔票無法使用 您可以這樣說 I am sorry, but the banknotes without coating are no longer in use. We are...

    • 請幫忙修改這句英文翻譯

      The transportation times of December 2008 including 50 times of the old banknote transportation

    • 請問vouchure是什麼意思? 是那一國語言呢

      ... shopping vouchers(消費券) will be smaller than banknotes(紙鈔) and will come in two different colors: brown for the NT$200 ...