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  1. banner advertisement

    • ph.
      橫幅廣告(亦作banner ad,指網路或報紙上的標題式廣告)
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    • 我要問一個英語發音

      大概是指 banner ad. = an advertisement that appears accross the full width of a page or web page.全幅的廣告 2009-10-29 13:44:48 補充: across the full width...

    • 一段中翻英的翻譯需要解求

      ...therefore HQ has manufactured an edition of public Xmas advertisement main vision, E-card and Web banner in this. But in the main vision and E-Card, on web banner ...

    • 急~麻煩可以幫我翻幾句工作相關的英文嗎?

      ...正試著要開一間工作室 We are planing to deal with website, advertisement, poster, and banner designs. 我們計畫將要收網頁廣告海報看板等設計方面的案件 We...