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    • adult swim 中swim 是什麼意思???

      ...staff opinions on unrelated subjects. On Thursdays, Adult Swim airs cards which they pull from the Adult Swim message board and respond with their characteristic banter.

    • phrases from Canadian Business

      ...牌子偉大到可以供在殿裡崇拜的意思 3. The "IN-CABIN BANTER" from WestJest's flight crew sets up a far differenct experience than...

    • 請英文高手解答英文句子翻譯 (屬於英國人講法)

      ...了 up for=ready for(隨時準備好) have a ticket for the banter bus= have a talent for bantering(懂得如何對話題...這樣.我以前也覺得我爸讓我很尷尬,但現在回想才懂他幽默.而且很多過去我覺得他讓我很尷尬事,我發現現在...