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  1. barbecue grill

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    • 烹飪中的有關於"烤"的動詞:

      ... cook something under direct heat, or over a flame on a barbecue. 基本上它和戶外的barbecue、或Grill都很類似。 (Char-Broil grill烤架爐)

    • 我想問這幾個”烤”有何不同?

      ...的。 如: I want to order some food like corn, chicken, or sausage which is grilled. barbecue n.[C] 1. (在篝火或地灶上烤炙的)烤全牲 2. 烤肉;烤魚;烤雞 3. 吃...

    • grill and drill的意思

      ...grill and drill在教育上的意義。 2008-11-03 05:38:57 補充: 字典內的單字解釋 grill v. barbecue, roast on a grill; interrogate, cross-examine, question persistently drill v. bore a...