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    • 請幫我翻譯For only$12 more you ....

      this is a excellent bargain. 這是個很好的交易 For only $127.80 more you would be purchasing 100 extra...能另外購得100個A。 You would also save on the shipping. 你也能省下運費。 100 extra...

    • drive a hard bargain是啥意思

      drive a hard bargain討價還價Famous Last Words 臨終名言follow through完成(某事);堅持到底come through for竭盡全力滿足某人的需要

    • 誰能幫我寫50字英語文章(急需!)

      ...會以低於定價的方式販售。 However it's hardly watched out for this kind of "bargain", . and get on with your pay-attention 不過很難對於這些特價的商品必須 特別留意與 保持...