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  1. bargain for

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      企圖以廉價獲取;【口】(常用於否定句或與more than連用)預料, 指望
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    • 1. 企圖以廉價獲取 bargain for the use of property 企圖廉價取得財產使用權
    • 2. 【口】(常用於否定句或與more than連用)預料, 指望 Tom didn't bargain for his wife returning so soon. 湯姆沒有想到他妻子會回來得這麼快。 The exam was more difficult than I had bargained for. 這次考試之難出乎我的意料之外。



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    • 請問hunt for bargains是片語嗎

      hunt for bargains是片語嗎? 是的。常用來描述:找尋便宜的商品(非劣級品,而是大打折扣,很...into the bargain = in addition (You buy the car and get a GPS into the bargain.) drive a hard bargain = work hard to negotiate prices 努力殺價 至於你的題目...

    • 想請問這句英文句子該如何翻譯呢?

      Is it inappropriate to bargain for things? 沒有前後文,根據字典,我提供您兩種解釋 bargain for: 1) 討價還價...

    • 請幫我翻譯For only$12 more you ....

      this is a excellent bargain. 這是個很好的交易 For only $127.80 more you would be purchasing 100 extra A. 只要比127.80...