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    • 英文俚語意思與句子

      ...-colored glasses and join him in the " real world. 2. barking up the wrong tree指「想尋找某物,但找錯地方或對象」 Frankly speaking, if...

    • 幾題英文慣用語和英文翻譯題(20點)

      ...2: "Hey man, if you think I was the guy who robbed that bank today, you're barking up the wrong tree! I was nowhere near the place."「喂,要是你認為我是今天搶銀行的那個人,那你就...

    • 英文俚語(的中文意思)+英文造句

      ...造句There is a rose-colored glasses at home. bark up the wrong tree中文意思 樹皮的錯 dead tree中文意思 死掉的樹 grass cutter中文意思 割草機...