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  1. barking head

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    • 請問ㄧ段英文句子

      ... out to ascend the car, a bridesmaid will hold a red umbrella over her head, meaning " raise the bark, spread the leaves" 新娘出門時,由伴娘(陪伴新娘過門至男家,而且...

    • 主詞縮寫 would 和 had 怎麼分辨

      ...好照顧好你的妹妹 You'd better don't pat that dog's head which barks at you. 你最好別摸那隻對你吠的狗 Would的話,其實如果有看到...

    • 請問英文有關動物的諺語?

      Barking dogs seldom bite.吠叫的狗不咬人 The best fish swims near the bottom.好魚游溪底 Better be the head of an ass than the tail of a horse. 寧為驢頭不為馬尾 A bird in hand ...