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  1. barns

    • barn的名詞複數
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    • “Smell the barn” 中文的說法

      ... the threat of a last minute 95 mile DNF there, I could smell the barn. Two mountain bikers passed me right next to the 2 mile...

    • 請問為何這句英文可以解釋garden path的定義?

      ... people man the boat.” 回到版主的” The horse raced past the barn fell.”,一般看到”raced”很容易就將之視為本句的動詞,所以...

    • 求協助中翻英ˊˋ

      The barn restaurant opened in Aug 2010 and was established by...2030. Please be advised. While you open the door of the barn restaurant, the smiling female elders will guide you to your seat...