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  1. baron

    • IPA[ˈberən]


    • n.
      a member of the lowest order of the British nobility. The term “Baron” is not used as a form of address in Britain, barons usually being referred to as “Lord.”.;a member of a foreign nobility having a rank similar to that of a baron.
    • noun: baron, plural noun: barons

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    • Baron & Kenny (1986)曾指出使用結構模式方

      1.雖然這些技術曾發展用于分析非實驗性的數據, 但實驗的背後實際上卻使用這些技術來加強 2. 所以有關鍵的路徑已經直接的測試過, 沒有任何東西被忽略或刪掉就像在ANOVA裡一樣 3. 觀察錯誤的複雜性, 甚至回應已經直接合併到了模型中 修飾過後應該是這樣啦!! 加減用吧

    • such 倒裝句的問題

      It eventually passed into the great art collection of Baron Rothschild such was its beauty 這such 是代名詞指passed...

    • 幫忙訂正英文文法~謝謝

      ... says it is delicious, and you can get lots of baron and muttonchop in the pot. It has more then 8 pieces of baron...