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    • 100 高考三級 英文 選擇題的翻譯與文法問題(3小題)

      ...股東有最好生計保障 . 也是, 謀生者生活權利與習慣優勝利器. 39.Out of the barren earth of their homeland, .. the farmers are able to create a lush...

    • 英文字義題 (急問)

      ...就有三種語意,在選項中就是做其中兩種意義間的選擇‧ 首先先明瞭兩個生字-barren貧瘠,lush茂盛 out of - 1. 自什麼情況中 Parents do things for their ...

    • 關於形容內心或精神荒蕪的英文?

      ... brain/mind/spirit. (1)desert:-v fail:-His presence of mind deserted him. (2)waste adj.:-All his efforts were wasted away ! (3)barren adj.:-He is looked upon as culturally and...