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    • [20]請問sound可能譬喻成回應之 類的意思嗎?

      sound 在這裡應該是: base on trueth or good judgment, not wrong 審慎 / 據實 / 確實的意思, (就是不是虛擬或錯誤解讀的) I also hope to show you and your fellow students some of the methods I have learned to produce...

    • 關於語言學的contextualist的翻譯

      ...abstract/32-3-2.pdf The contextualist theory is based on the presumption that one can derive meaning from...what is objective in the group life of our fellows,” 1930年, 他提出一個觀點, "將字詞當成行為...

    • 問一段旅行的英文..感謝--15點

      Day0 We arrive CKS International Airport in the morning and fly China Airlines flight CI-61 straight to Frankfurt Airport. The flight will take 14 hours. Then we transfer...