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  1. basic wage

    • n.
      the amount a person earns before additional payments such as overtime.;another term for minimum wage
    • noun: basic wage, plural noun: basic wages

  2. 知識+

    • 中翻英 - 「佔總額50%以上」,如何表達比較好?

      The basic wage shall be at least 51% of the total compensation. 既然是百分之五十以上,應該就不包括...16:03:58 補充: 理論上,第一句的表達方式比較好,less ambiguous。 The basic wage shall be more than 50% of the total compensation. 清楚明瞭。 然而在法律文件,合約...

    • Working hours is/are 單數/複數動詞?

      ...補充: The "Wages and Allowances" includes basic wages and guaranteed allowances. 如果兩者是共生體(不可分割...

    • 請問 salary pay 薪水 的英文修飾詞為?

      ...低 (壞): little; low; bad; poor; inadequate; lousy 中間一般:average; modest; fair; regular; basic C. WAGE 高 (好): decent; great; high; big; good; huge; large; huge; top; adequate; substantial; competitive...