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  1. bathroom slipper


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    • 誰可以幫我用十個單字寫一篇簡單的英文作文?

      ... that I see a pair of GLASS SLIPPERS on the grass while hearing a young girl is...all wet. "You better go to the BATHROOM before you mess on your bed!" mom warns...

    • 幾句英文翻譯的問題~奉上15點 wipe the dust off the table a wipe. 9. The bathroom of the washing. 10. I will come back ...have a yellow tie it? 18. To go out not to wear slippers. 19. Of effect you really do not like makeup. 20...

    • 請告訴我日常生活用品的英語

      ...書簽: bookmark 大頭針: pin 面具: mask 抽屜: drawer 插頭: plug 拖鞋: slippers 框架: framework 硯台: ink stone 圖釘: thumbtack 釘子: tack 圖章: signet...麥克風: microphone 望遠鏡: telescope 鑰匙: key 票: ticket 浴缸: bathtub 浴室: bathroom