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  1. a nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse

    • ph.
      【諺】暗示已足, 不必明言
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    • 幫我做一首英文歌曲 for you Hoping you feel the same way, too And all I ask is a nod from you To take my hand forever and never be part You never know the charms...

    • THE FOX AND THE CROW-文章和單字片語翻譯

      ...了這一切; who called up to the crow: 牠抬頭對著烏鴉說: ‘How very beautiful you are! Has no one told...咬著起司, He gave a nod to the fox below, 牠對狐狸點了...

    • 翻譯一英文段落

      ...意思是" 並不" . In some southeast Asian countries, nodding is a way to signal "I heard you," not "I agree with you. 在一些...