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  1. the damage is done

    • ph.
      used to indicate that it is too late to prevent the occurrence of something unfortunate or undesirable
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    • 英文問題釋疑-是否加 " d " ?

      哈囉你好嗎 正確的答案是"there has been damage" 因為在這個句子裡damage是一個noun(名詞) 如果加"ed"在後面的話...

    • 破損 海運破損 英翻中

      .... 5 boxes of over-wraps are damaged.(like inside the article short of) 2 boxes...badly. The packing dumps damaged 10 boxeses badly. Pack a cabinet...

    • 請高手~幫我重組-5題英文?

      題意允許外加必要的單字. 1. house/his/is/damaged/old/white His old white house is damaged. 2. boring...