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  1. be good for


    • ph.
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    • ph. 這海岸平原適於耕種嗎

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    • ph.
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    • 求 A~~Z 的一篇簡單文章~

      Apple is good for health. Boys come here,please! Can you show ...23:19:07 補充: Just trying Apple is good for health. But banana is much better. ...

    • For的用法

      ...1.適合於 Swinning in winter will be good for your health. 2.為了 That ...因為(不用於句首) I must get home early,for my parents are all out...

    • good forgood to的用法

      be good for + 事物 (人) 有益的、有效的、適合的 Exercise is good for your health. 運動有益於你的健康。 It is good for you to get up early. 早起對你是有益的 good to + VR You are...