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    become upright
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    • 今天的日記,請熱心人士幫改一下^^a

      ... that i should always tell the truth. Teaching me how I become a moral and upright man. →She told me how to become a moral and upright man...

    • 阿阿誰可以幫我翻成英文呀

      ... over roam about everywhere. One day, in a chance of the chance, unexpectedly become and can stand upright walking and versatile person's words after the kitten puts on...

    • 英文文法(20)

      ... deprived of her son, she has become a different woman. 但是把after刪去之後,前面的動詞was只好... mayor because they know that he is an honest and upright citizen. 也是因為because刪掉,所以know變成knowing。