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    • 動名詞當主詞的句構問題

      ...object(s), and/or complement(s). (1) Feeling sorry for the past is no use. Feeling sorry for the... of my past. I am feeling sorry for the past. for the past - 介系詞片語當...

    • 子句方面問題(高中)

      Those teenagers are hard to deal with. I feel sorry for________ has to teach that class. A.who B.whoever C.that...

    • was busy for還是 have been busy

      ...一直延至現在,句子提及這動作的時態是要指出時間性由過去到現在。 I feel sorry for not writing you sooner, but I have been busy for the past two weeks. 對於你的句子,它的意思是指他兩星期一直...